The Cupp Golf Academy

The Cupp Golf Academy is a technology-rich facility built upon the philosophy: To Create Environment Where Golf Technology Enhances Golf Performance. The state-of-the-art Cupp Golf Academy features the type of technology used by PGA TOUR caliber players and highly-skilled golf instructors on a daily basis. Now, it is available to Golf Club Of Georgia Members!

The Cupp Golf Academy is named after Bob Cupp, a world-renowned golf course architect who designed more than 250 golf courses, many of which hosted PGA TOUR events, including several majors. Mr. Cupp is responsible for the current redesign of the Lakeside and Creekside courses at The Golf Club of Georgia. He also designed the Cupp Par 3 Course, along with the Golf Academy – both created to enhance the enjoyment and development of golfers of all skill levels. Below, you will find the programs designed to improve your game! Good luck in your quest to become a better golfer and your enthusiasm for this great game!

To contact the Cupp Golf Academy email or call 678-735-5598.