Leading-Edge Technology

Robo Golf Pro

Benefit from a swing trainer designed to help our PGA Instructors speed up your learning curve. The first and only trainer that allows golfers to "feel" their ideal swing, RoboGolfPro accomplishes for you in minutes what once required hours of conversation, practice and video review. With less than 25 such machines in training centers across the U.S., this rare yet effective training tool promises to improve your game!

RoboGolfPro is the perfect fit for the beginner or the dedicated golfer who is looking to improve their game quickly. A lesson package of six sessions is guaranteed to improve your golf swing and handicap to prep you for the tee!

To learn more about RoboGolfPro or to schedule your experience, please contact the Cupp Golf Academy at: [email protected] or call (770) 772-8174.