There is the age-old argument of accuracy over distance. In today’s world, it seems the trend has been to favor distance. On the world rankings list, all of the Top 10 players have above tour average club head speed. This is not an accident or a one year occurrence. This trend has become more apparent with each passing year. More distance off the tee means shorter approaches and greater chances for lower rounds… even if you become a little more wild.
Below is a chart that TrackMan released showing a correlation between handicap and club head speed.

It may be obvious now that I tend to lean towards distance over accuracy, but increasing club speed can be difficult especially if one has lost strength and flexibility. Instead, try to become more efficient with driving and pick up EASY yards. The SINGLE BIGGEST deficiency with amateur golfers is Angle of ATTACK, which is the measuring descent/ascent into the ball. Most amateurs hit significantly down on the ball which kills distance. Instead, hit up to get big gains with your driver. Here are the TOP THREE changes in setup that can help with hitting up on the ball.
            1. Ball Forward
            2. Higher Tee
            3. Wider stance

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