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    "I joined The Golf Club of Georgia for a variety of reasons including but not limited to the following. Two amazing yet exceedingly different golf course experiences on the same property, geographically desirable location, a golf and social experience I'd be excited to share with guests and family members. Most importantly, the reason I choose to maintain my membership is the group of truly amazing fellow members that have unfolded into what surely will be lifelong friendships. The strength and longevity of any club relies on its members and The Golf Club of Georgia has some of the best."

    -Bill Powers, GCOG Member since 2014

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    "As a long time Member of The Golf Club of Georgia, I am just as enthused to walk through the front doors today, as I was many years ago. We as Members are blessed with two amazing, yet very different golf courses. I have been asked several times which course is my favorite and each time I struggle for an answer. (They are both that good)! Although, if I had nine holes left in my life to play, I would play the last nine holes on Lakeside, it's that special. The memories and friends I have made over the years at this Club are irreplaceable."

    -Jeff Raupp, GCOG Member since 2014

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    "I am amazed at the improvements to The Golf Club of Georgia and excited that we are members of what is becoming the premier golf club in Atlanta."

    -Bogue Miller, GCOG Member since 2014