A Great Way to Improve Your Short Game

While the Lakeside and Creekside courses at The Golf Club of Georgia are ranked Top 20 in Georgia by Golf Digest, there's a new golf experience at the Club for young and old and from beginners to single digit handicap players.

The Executive Par 3 Course is located at the rear of the Club's Driving Range and Practice Area and provides not only a sensational real-world experience to improve your short game, but also a fun and family-friendly way to play golf without taking on the traditional award-winning golf courses.


The holes on the Executive Par 3 Course are indicated with red flagsticks and feature spacious greens, bunkering and design aspects golfers will find on our Lakeside and Creekside courses. The entire facility is well-maintained and greens speeds are very similar to what you will find on our actual golf courses. But you don't need a cart, or even a bag full of golf clubs. The distances on the short course range from 46 to 120 yards, so all you really need are a couple of wedges and a putter which you can carry as you traverse the well-manicured holes.


When you arrive at the Executive Par 3 Course, there is no need to make a tee time. It is open during regular Club hours for Members and their Guests. The first hole is indicated by a wooden standup bin which houses scorecards and pencils, so you can keep score, if you wish. While you see three holes, you will actually play nine holes. How can that happen? Well, the first circuit through the three holes is played from the red tees, the second circuit is played from the white tees and the third circuit is played from the blue tees. So, in all, there are nine different distances from nine different angles and distances, making it a true nine-hole par 3 golf experience. Each teeing area is marked with a metal hole number and distance, so you know how far to hit your shot.

The Executive Par 3 Course at The Golf Club of Georgia was designed by renowned golf course designer, Bob Cupp. While he refined our Lakeside and Creekside courses a couple of years ago, he took great pride prior to his passing to build our Par 3 golf course. The course remains a lasting reminder of his legacy as a designer and his significant contributions to the game of golf. The adjacent golf academy is named after him – The Cupp Golf Academy.

So, grab a couple wedges, a putter and improve your short game – and have some fun!