After more than 40 years and countless course designs, Arthur Hills has left a lasting imprint on the golf industry. He designed some of the world’s most amazing golf courses, including both at The Golf Club of Georgia. In 1991, the Lakeside Course was named “Best New Private Course” in America and he followed that up with the Creekside course a couple years later. Today, both are ranked among the Top 20 Best Courses in Georgia by Golf Digest.
“To me, playability is very important,” Hills explains. “Strategy is also a key factor. If you’re going to have a good golf course, you’ve got to have strategy, playability, plus the aesthetics. If you look at the golf courses in the British Isles, some of them are kind of brutish looking, or rugged. But to me, they’re very attractive because they are not trying to be pretty.”
Hills hasn’t changed much over the years, other than the level of success that he has achieved. He has watched as his business has grown over the years into an acclaimed force in the golf industry. He’s come a long way from the side business in the back of a house to a team of more than 10 with courses all over the world. However, his principles remain unchanged. It’s that common approach to business that Hills brings to his work, where the land dictates the design, where form always follows function.
Luckily, for The Golf Club of Georgia, Hills work has produced a pair of the finest private golf courses in North Atlanta that only seem to be getting better with age!