Junior Development Programs

Have a junior passionate about the game?

Our Junior Development Program is designed for junior golfers ages 6 to 18 excited to pursue their dreams on the course. This is a monthly program for the dedicated junior, that combines our world-class instructors who utilize the principles of Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) and leading-edge technology with the best facilities in the Southeast to produce top-ranked juniors!

First Move Juniors

Designed for golfers ages 6 to 11 years old.
First Move Juniors is designed for the beginner golfer eager to learn the game in a simple, yet fast-paced environment. Our world-class instructors blend physical movement with the skills needed to play golf well. Our unique dual-approach to motor learning enables junior golfers to develop critical golf- specific athletic movements faster while enjoying an action packed non-traditional golf atmosphere. A clear reward system is in place to motivate and recognize improvement, skill mastery, and outstanding performance.

This program includes a one hour weekly group coaching session, plus one individual hour lesson per month with the intention to accomplish, Our First Move Junior Mission:

Create a welcoming environment for Juniors of all skill levels
Illuminate a clear improvement path
Increase coordination and athletic movement
Challenge players of varying skill levels to work hard and reach their potential
Develop college-level players and "golfers for life"

Strive for Excellence Junior Academy

Designed for golfers ages 12 to 18 years old.
Strive For Excellence provides select, high-performance golfers ages 12-18 with a comprehensive and systematic approach to training, competing, skill improvement and personal development. SFE at the Cupp Golf Acadmey is personally led by Charlie King and Jaren Goode.

Maturing into a champion both on and off the course is an exciting challenge for aspiring young athletes and their families. It takes considerable commitment, support, feedback and training. A professional coaching influence combined with effective training and practice is paramount in this process.

Strive for Excellence is a holistic approach to developing and nurturing juniors so that they will mature into the finest golfers and most outstanding people possible. This specialized program presents committed athletes with an opportunity to realize their goals in both sport and life. SFE is athlete and parent driven in that the activities and the program are steered by the players and their parents.

SFE prepares participants for life as student-athletes at the intercollegiate level.

For more information on our Junior Development Programs, please contact the Cupp Golf Academy at: [email protected] or call 678-735-5598.

“Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) is a modern mindset of Junior Instruction that has led to more good junior players than ever before. All of our junior programs have been designed with these concepts of athletic development in conjunction with the highest level of golf skill development. In other words you will become the best golfer you can be!”
~Charlie King, Director of Instruction