Individual Instruction

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    Lower your scores and become more consistent at the Cupp Golf Academy.  Charlie King and his team at our state-of-the-art facility will work with you to improve any aspect of your game including full swing, putting stroke, short game and on-course strategy.  Our one-hour individual lessons utilize the same game-improvement technologies that PGA TOUR professionals have access to each day including Video Analysis, Trackman, Swing Catalyst, and SAM PuttLab.  Our short-game practice facilities and Cupp Par 3 Course make Red Zone practice fun and productive!  Our instructors focus on improving the following areas to boost your skills and lower your score:

    1. Improve Consistency
    2. Increase Distance
    3. Lower Scores
    4. Make More Putts
    5. Get Up and Down More Often
    6. Get out of Bunkers in One Try
    7. On-Course Strategy

    Adults of all skill levels from Beginner to Tour Player see results at the Cupp Golf Academy!

    “I’ve had 5 teachers over 30 years of golf and Charlie is the best by FAR! 
    He teaches the “skills” of golf and mine have gotten much better. 
    My putting and chipping were a disaster and now they’re good. 
    You owe it to yourself to work with Charlie!”
    Christopher Goode, Roosevelt Group - Washington, D.C.

    To schedule an individual lesson, please contact the Cupp Golf Academy at: [email protected], or call 678-735-5598.